Flange lights

flange lights overview

Flange lights made from anodized aluminum, to illuminate viewports. Slim and bright, with large inner diameter for maximum field of view. Waterproof according to IP67. Available for DN 40 CF, DN 63 CF, DN 100 CF, and DN 160 CF. Flange light mini fits any size.

Technical data (fl 100 03)
Material Aluminum
Body color blue
Outer diameter 152 mm
Inner diameter 85 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Voltage 24 V DC
Power 4.8 W
Color temperature 6000-7000 K
Light flux 370 lm
Cable length 10 m, detachable

Custom designs OEM versions on request, optionally with your laser-engraved company logo. Custom designs are possible with different body color, inner diameter, light color and light current.