Flux simulations for MBE

Based on a highly efficient Monte Carlo algorithm, we offer flux simulations for effusion sources and multi-source deposition geometries.

The calculations take into account cosine law reemission from hot surfaces such as crucible walls and line-of-sight propagation in free space and therefore closely model the behavior of UHV evaporation such as in molecular beam epitaxy.

A typical high-resolution calculation on a 201x201 point square grid takes about two days to compute, providing fast turnaround and immediate feedback for your design or growth optimization decisions.

We calculate for you the full data mesh, profiles of the static distribution and rotational averages as well as layer thicknesses integrated in one direction for linear deposition systems such as in large area coaters.

Whether you design MBEs or thermal coaters, whether you want to optimize your source geometry or your process, whether you need to better understand your growth results, our simulations help you to reach reliable conclusions quickly.