Emeralt MBE control and automation system

User interface of Emeralt showing multiple graphs of temperature vs. time

Emeralt is an integrated control system for molecular beam epitaxy and industrial automation. It is easy to use, yet fully programmable to master even eccentric automation tasks with ease.

Emeralt offers direct access to any connected device similar to lab automation software. At the same time, however, it has a built-in real-time programming language and compiler that offer you extreme flexibility where the graphical approach of lab automation software often leads to bloated and cryptic charts that are hard to manage. It is therefore the ideal tool for demanding research environments where both flexibility and performance are required.

Emeralt runs on Linux and Windows and controls all hardware through ethernet connections. It runs on practically any computer from laptop through fanless boxes without moving parts to powerful server hardware.

Due to its flexibility, Emeralt is ideally suited to retrofit existing heterogeneous systems, controlling a mix of components from almost any vendor.

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